Walk through the Woods

Walk through the Woods

Walk through the Woods

Let the lazy backwaters set pace to your day and village folk songs croon to your heart. Let the clarion call of the jungles awaken the wilderness in you. Bathe elephants. Discover remote festivals that leave imprints on your soul. Take your taste buds on rides through flavors they never dreamed existed. Camp in the woods lying awake listening to the symphony of Nature at night and early in the morning let the mountain mists awake you with whispered tales of long forgotten travelers…

Imagine a piece of heaven on earth where sunlight filters through a high canopy of leaves; where there’s joy in every breath and beauty as far as the eye can see, Kerala Tourism has got some of the best hiking spots.

  1. Eravikulam National Park

  2. Periyar National Park

  3. Silent Valley National Park

  4. Mathikettan Shola National Park

  5. Mukurthi National Park

  6. Nagarahole Tiger Reserve

  7. Mudumalai Tiger Reserve

  8. Anashi National Park

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